Women In SEO Share Tips On Closing The Wage Gap

Women In SEO Share Tips On Closing The Wage Gap

The gender-based pay gap persists, and the SEO industry is no exception. In this piece, women in SEO share their tips to help others know their value.

State of Web Performance February 2023

In this month’s “State of” event, we’re bringing you the State of Web Performance. We will be talking with community members, library authors and maintainers to discuss community initiatives, how to identify performance challenges, metrics to measure and resources to help you.

Mutual Aid Request: Help with Post-surgical Financial Needs

It was a really hard to make the decision to finally ask for mutual aid, but here we are. I started a GoFundMe fundraiser with a goal of 5000 CAD to help me get through my post-surgical recovery after my gender confirming bottom surgery in January 18, 2023.

I appreciate any help you can give including sharing my request with your communities.

Thank you!

Sincerely with Love,



Successful Women In Business Share Wisdom From Their Journey – The Best Of Social Proof

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There is so much wisdom to tap into when someone has gone through something and they can speak intelligently about it. This actually increases your chances of duplicating successes and at the same time avoiding unnecessary things they went through. These women can show you they game that men and women can benefit from. However, it’s helpful when you have a woman to speaking to another woman that desires to be in a better place. This is the hand up.
Being successful comes with its ups and downs. When you observe other women that have endured those extremes it can build your confidence if you ever encounter some of the same obstacles.

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Clients Say, “I Am Not Interested.” And You Say “…”

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If a client said to you, “I am not interested.” what would you say? Do you ask them why they’re not interested? Do you part ways with the client? Or do you finesse an objection handling technique that might give you the sale anyway? Probably the latter, but what IS that technique exactly? Watch this video to find out now.

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This video is about clients say “i am not interested.” and you say … i am not interested