How to Connect Your Content to What Journalists Want for Top-Tier Links

How to Connect Your Content to What Journalists Want for Top-Tier Links

In the digital PR era, creating content that top-tier publications would want to link to is possible. You just have to understand what a journalist wants.

The Secret to PR Success with Journalists

Kelsey Ogletree is on a mission to change the media industry by advocating for transparency and prioritizing relationships over transactions.

In this podcast episode, she is going to talk about what works and doesn’t work with publicists pitching journalists, how to build relationships with journalists, and what transparency in the media really means.

Plus, she is going to tell us all about Pitchcraft, what she sees as the future of pitching the media, and the secret to PR success with journalists.

Kelsey Ogletree is an Alabama-based independent journalist covering food, travel, and golf for outlets like Wall Street Journal, Travel + Leisure, and AARP The Magazine. She’s also the founder of Pitchcraft, a platform connecting PR pros to top-tier journalists.

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#Blinktank Webinar: Digital PR and Link-Building for DTC Brands

Learn the ins and outs of digital PR and link-building as they pertain to DTC brands from Blink SEO’s in-house industry expert Tabby Farrar.

In the webinar, Tabby touches on:

-How to determine whether or not digital PR and link-building will benefit your brand
-How to devise digital PR stories that actually work
-Pitching digital PR stories
-How to cope and pivot if your campaign fails

Plus, she takes a look at real digital PR campaigns launched by DTC businesses, and explains how other businesses can incorporate similar strategies.

Using DIGITAL PR to get AMAZING backlinks for your website

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How to Get High DR Links with Digital PR w/ Stacey MacNaught

We know you love it when we talk about link building.

And while we’ve got a lot of great tactics up our sleeves, we’ve only just covered the tip of the iceberg.

This week, Mark talks with Stacey MacNaught, PR link builder extraordinaire, to discuss a link building tactic – a tactic that we at Authority Hacker are VERY excited about.

Stacey MacNaught
Micro Biz Mag

PR Platforms
Response Source
Help A Reporter Out (HARO)
Press Plugs

Google Surveys

Creative Commons Link Building
Getty images
Copy Track
Pic Match

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Time Stamps
00:00 Intro
0:44 Who is Stacey MacNaught
04:38 The PR Link Building Learning Curve
06:53 Is PR for everyone?
10:08 Connecting with Journalists
13:02 How to get noticed
17:20 Getting inside journalists mindsets
21:10 Prioritizing media contacts
22:45 Creating data-driven studies
31:15 Optimizing content for links
38:21 Building links with Creative Commons
49:44 Contacting the corrections desk
51:01 The best and worst PR ideas
1:00:13 What does the future hold for PR?