Career Building Tips From A Senior Data Scientist At Amazon

Career Building Tips From A Senior Data Scientist At Amazon

Meet a data scientist whose early interests in machine learning led him to a career fighting fraud and training algorithms at Amazon.

Interview: Amazon Sr. Applied Scientist (Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence)

Everyone in tech is talking about Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence. But what do they really mean? I interviewed Theo, Sr. Applied Scientist at Amazon, to understand how we got into the field, what he does day to day and how to break into the field. Below are the questions I asked. Hope this helps!

1. Tell me about yourself 00:10
2. How did you get into this field? 01:37
3. Interview process for Applied Scientists? 04:26
4. What do you do as a Sr. Applied Scientist? 07:24
5. What do you like the most/least about your role? 12:14
6. Advice for those who want to break into this field 16:04

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The Harsh Reality of Being a Data Scientist

Data Scientist is a great role to be in but it comes with its cons. In this video, we are discussing the unglamorous side of data science. Did any of the things mentioned resonate with your experience?

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Data Scientist Interview Tips & Career Advice (Uber, ex-Amazon)

Chatting data science interviews and career with Eva, a data scientist @Uber, formerly Amazon.

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0:25 How did you become a data scientist?
1:00 What does interview process look like?
1:45 What are some common data science questions?
3:12 What’s the best way to prepare for an interview?
4:22 What’s something you should start learning on your first job?
4:44 What should you learn from your mentor?
5:55 Any tips or advice for people trying to break into the data science industry?
6:30 How to get a job with just a bachelors degree?

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