A Data Science Approach To Optimizing Internal Link Structure

A Data Science Approach To Optimizing Internal Link Structure

Learn the data-driven approach to improving the internal linking of a website for the purposes of more effective technical site SEO.








Internal Linking: How to Unlock Your Site’s Hidden Potential

In this webinar with OnCrawl Ambassador Jenny Halasz, we show you how to use internal linking to break through an SEO plateau and continue making progress on your site.

You’ll learn how to:
– Identify opportunities for internal link optimization.
– Make smart, data-driven decisions about taxonomy and structure.
– Troubleshoot problems with on-site keyword cannibalization.
– Adjust supplemental content to meet your internal link needs.
– Understand how internal link flow contributes to your site’s E-A-T.
– Future-proof your site architecture against Google Core Updates.

Have you done everything you can think of to optimize your site, but you just can’t seem to crack the top 5 for certain queries?

This is a familiar challenge that faces website owners and SEOs alike… a plateau of sorts that can develop into a stagnating cycle of repeating the same thing even though it just isn’t working.

Halasz will take you through the theories behind internal link optimization, a set of carefully selected examples of success, and the data and sources you’ll need to implement this strategy on your own site.

By using data strategically to identify opportunities and build out content hubs on your site, any search professional can elevate their organic presence to the next level.

Whether you’re an independent website owner or a strategist for an ecommerce site with 100k SKUs, you will get great value from this session and learn to think about search in a new and different way.

Advanced Internal Linking Techniques using semantic search by Ross Tavendale

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0:25 SEMrush Site Audit tool: Internal Link Distribution widget
1:12 Using site:command to find the website pages where a specific KW is mentioned
2:50 ScrapeBox. Work on selected webpages programmatically: pull data from the previous step in there and see if you have any internal links pointing to the correct pages
4:30 Organizing data in Google Sheets
6:25 How to check if these pages are internally linking to your cornerstone page
8:50 Using Index formula to find the best URL inside the list

Welcome to another Weekly Wisdom episode. This week, we are going to be looking at a dummy’s guide to internal link building. Without further ado, let’s get started. We have all been on the SEMrush internal linking tool. It gives you a ton of really interesting stuff. In particular, looking at things like their internal link distribution I find really, really interesting because it is showing me where I am linking to in terms of strongest pages on the site all the way down to the weakest ones.
The Type A Media site, between me and you, is not well optimized at all. In fact, for an SEO agency, it is a little bit embarrassing. So, let’s work out how we can run some internal linking protocols for the Type A Media website to get us in a good place. Someone has done a great job on telling us all the links that are actually passing the most internal page rank, but what if I want to start optimizing? It is not going to tell me where to actually link. Let’s have a think here. This is the site. On the site, I want to see all the pages that are strongest when it comes to the term agency, let’s say.

What I like to do here is I like to do a site command. Stick in the website URL and then put in the keyword we are targeting. For us, we call ourselves SEO consultants, so let’s bring up all the pages, here we go, that is termed as SEO consultant pages.

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